Building new homes in Springfield’s Southtown

One thing about my job that really gives me a sense of pride is that I can actively improve my hometown. Just about every day I drive around Springfield and look at areas of town that maybe aren’t what they once were. I grew up on Batts Boulevard in Springfield, right on the edge of “Southtown,” an area of town that runs down South Main Street between Central Avenue to Tom Austin Highway. 

My childhood home still stands behind KFC and is adjacent to Memorial Boulevard. Growing up riding my bike down Batts Boulevard and South Main, I could see the former glory of these beautiful homes on tree lined streets. But, I wondered why they were surrounded by multi-family units, trailer parks, and shuttered businesses. 

The City of Springfield took the lead with it’s “slum-clearance program”. Starting around a decade ago, they began to demolish properties that were deemed not worthy of repair. Pretty soon the City had cleared a couple hundred properties and developers, like me, could begin filling in the blanks with new construction. A vision to provide life-long renters the option to own their own home was born. Home ownership promotes pride, and that leads to better neighborhoods.

My aim is to work alongside other developers and builders to improve this Southern corridor into Springfield. It is often the first area people drive through when visiting our wonderful town. This plan has been successful. Philip Dorris and I recently completed two homes on 22nd Avenue that went under contract in less than a week. They sit on the former site of an eleven unit trailer park which we redeveloped with help from The City of Springfield Planning Department.

The homes are around 1,300 square feet with three bedrooms and two full baths. They are affordable, even in this red-hot market, selling at under $200,000. We go the extra mile with custom cabinets, brick foundations, and additional landscaping that makes them really feel like a home. This combination has proven to be a great option for families who have seen their rent rising quickly. Look for two more currently under construction on 23rd Avenue and upcoming redevelopment at the former Woodland Street school building. 

We have known for years that Nashville’s boom would trickle down to us. I wanted this growth to be family owned homes that would improve the quality of life for everyone in Springfield. We are seeing influxes of people from East Nashville, Clarksville, and Donelson. Springfield is becoming the place to be! I anticipate some of our favorite restaurants and shops will soon follow.

As we continue our work in Springfield, and all over Robertson County, I look forward to posting updates and photos of our progress. So if you are wanting to know what is moving into the Applebee’s building or about new tenants on Springfield’s square –  you better stay tuned!

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  • Brent tate
    3 years ago

    Glad to see you two doing great things for our town

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