Vintage Christmas in Springfield, Tennessee

Christmas time is here again, and I thought it would be fun to revisit a few memories from holidays past in and around Springfield. Even though times may change and our celebrations look a little different decade to decade, one thing remains the same: we’re a community that loves to gather together and celebrate!

I hope you enjoy this brief trip down memory lane this holiday season.

Christmas lights begin to go up on 5th and Main in 1935. The Colonial Hotel and Corner Grill can be seen in the background.

Image credit: Bill Jones
A five-piece band entertains the crowd during Springfield’s annual Christmas Parade in 1948. Elliot’s Grocery stands in the background- now, Springfield knows (and loves) it as The Depot!

Image Credit: Ronnie Luke

The students at Woodland Street School perform a Christmas pageant in the late 1940s.

Image credit: E. Don Harpe
The downtown square during the holidays with Christmas lights hanging across the street (undated). How many original buildings can you see that are still standing today?

Image credit: Patricia Swalows Carden

The staff at Woolen Mills celebrate their annual Christmas Party in 1959. 

Image Credit: Patricia Swalows Carden 
Billie Winters and Bobby West hang up decorations in downtown Springfield in the early 1960s. Check out those cars parked below!

Image Credit: Carole Winters Renfroe
Robertson County Times covers the heroic efforts of postmen like Otis Swallows working to get letters delivered to Santa in 1966. This year, Santa had a workshop on the south side of the square where he could receive both mail and visitors. 

Image Credit:  Patricia Swalows Carden

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